Waterjet Applications and Machines

We specialize in following waterjet cutting applications

Waterjet cutting systems can machine any known material including composite, laminates, plastics, rubbers, castings, forging, aluminum, stainless steels, hardened or tool steel, exotic alloys, heat sensitive materials, synthetics that may release harmful vapors when cut using other methods, and most assuredly any future materials that technology could require and produce. The water jet machines do this all without affecting the material properties or the temper. For more information about precision waterjet cutting services click Aerospace.

Machine Shops:
Allow the water jet machines to save your tooling by profiling or hogging out your shapes with no heat affected zone. Once again, the hazard of machining materials that produce harmful vapors can be removed from your shop. Water jet metal cutting of pre-hardened materials will eliminate secondary machining, heat treating and stress relieving operations. For more information about our water jet services click Machine Shops.

Signage, Architectural and Decorative Applications:
Whatever your design team can conceive, the waterjet can cut. It’s that simple. The waterjet is capable of cutting any material in any contour from your CAD file with beautiful results. Sign logos and fonts will be reproduced with complete accuracy. For more information about high pressure water jet cutting click Signage, Architectural and Decorative Applications.

Metal Stamping, Tool and Die Makers:
Stamping short runs or prototypes can be costly using traditional methods, not to mention the extensive time it takes to creative and manufacture dies. Stamping houses can significantly benefit by using waterjet cutting services to eliminate tooling costs and the time that it takes to process short run items. For more information about UHP waterjet machining click Metal Stamping, Tool and Die Makers.

Torched or Burned Parts:
Have a material that cannot be burned, is too thick, or thin? Abrasive waterjet cutting is the answer. Cutting Edge Water Jet Service of South Beloit IL can cut foils from .001″ thickness to steels nearly 20″ thick. For more information about our waterjet cutting services click Torched or Burned Parts.