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Cutting Edge Water Jet Capabilities

Cutting Edge Water Jet Service (CEWJS) utilizes dynamic and conventional multiple CNC controlled 87,000-psi pump systems to cut all known materials to our customers exacting specifications. Simultaneous multi-head cutting is available for large order quantities. Small order quantities are always welcomed.


The CNC waterjet process produces shapes within tolerances of +/- .010″ consistently with no process distortion or warping. No heat damage will occur and parts will have few if any burrs. 

Utilizing the customer’s CAD file guarantees accuracy of parts produced. Acceptable CAD files for importing are DXF, DWG, CDL, IGES or HPGL. Blueprint drawings of parts are no problem. Scanning of artwork is also available to 8.5″ x 11″ and utilizes raster to vector conversion software. Company logos and other artwork that is scanned can be manipulated to any size and optimized for maximum cutting efficiency.

CEWJS systems have a cutting envelope of 144″ x 144″ to handle your large shapes. Our 3-ton jib crane, fork trucks and 2750 lb vacuum lifters assist us in moving materials safely. Contact CEWJS if parts or materials exceed weight or size specified.

Cutting at an angle or beveling is possible in one fixed plane only. Call CEWJS for more details on angle cutting. Creative setups for angle cutting or fixturing can be utilized to assist your angle cut needs.

CEWJS can also supply materials for your orders. CEWJS has a variety of materials available in stock to help expedite your orders. Heat/Lot certification paperwork is available on our entire inventory.

UPS, freight, and delivery services are available. Customer pickups are also common.

Please call Cutting Edge Water Jet Service between the hours of 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM central time. Faxes and email accepted 24 hrs each day.