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Cutting Edge Water Jet Service – 15-year anniversary

Cutting Edge Water Jet Service of South Beloit, Illinois, recognize their 15 year service anniversary. Starting with one waterjet cutting system and one abrasive cutting head, CEWJS now has three waterjet cutting systems with eight total abrasive cutting heads.

Waterjet cutting systems are much like other shape cutting systems utilizing computer controlled motion, post processing of tool paths, and multi-head configurations. Water jet machines can cut any known material including composites, aluminum, stainless steels, hardened steel, exotic alloys, heat sensitive materials, synthetics, and any materials that may release harmful vapors when cut using other methods. Abrasive water jet cutting will eliminate the need for machining stock or slag caused by heat processes like laser, flame cut or plasma, and will not affect material properties or temper.

Cutting Edge Water Jet Service is a job shop provider of abrasive waterjet cutting services for all domestic Industries, serving Chicago in the Midwest and the other national regions. CEWJS offers 60,000 and 90,000 psi conventional and dynamic abrasive waterjet cutting.

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