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Northwestern University Solar Car Team to Partner with South Beloit, IL Company

The chief engineer of the NU Solar car team searched for a partner that had the capability of cutting 185 inch long pieces of special carbon fiber material in a single continuous cutting operation. Mathew Filak, the chief engineer on the team was delighted to find Cutting Edge Water Jet in South Beloit IL who not only had the capability of handling the size requirements, but was willing to take on the challenge of cutting the unique material. The material intended to be used as structural frame support for this solar vehicle is very unique and had to be obtained from Europe. This alternate design approach, in place of the conventional steel and aluminum framing, is intended to give the team a weight savings while maintaining the necessary structural qualities. The NU Solar Car Team is building its 6th generation solar car to compete in the American Solar Challenge, a road race from New York to Minnesota later this summer. More info can be found at:

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